Down Air Suspension Management System – With Bluetooth

Down Air Suspension Management System – With Bluetooth


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This package is a complete control system for electronically controlled air suspension, which can be applied to the modification of most ordinary, mid-level and high-end cars on the market. When combined with the air spring damper for related vehicles, it forms a complete set. The electronically controlled air suspension system includes:

– ECU control system
– LCD Remote Controller
– Relay
– Pressure Switch
– All Wiring


1. It can memorize five sets of different height data, so that the vehicle has five highly individual postures.

2. The air pressure of the four airbags can be displayed independently on the LCD screen, allowing you to see at a glance.

3. The air pressure in the gas tank can also be displayed.

4. The interface of the LCD screen has been simplified repeatedly, making it easy to understand and easy to operate.

5. The refresh rate of air pressure monitoring is very high, and the air pressure can be displayed in real time.

6. Optimize the installation process to make the installation easier.